Virtual CSR® (VCSR) is an industry leader in Automation & Integration Technologies for contact centers.

Our experience in speech technology, voice user interface design, unified desktop integration, and proven methodologies for planning, designing and deploying speech and desktop applications is unmatched within the industry.

VCSR’s leading call handling platform and integration services allows our clients to quickly realize value through low upfront costs, accelerated time to market, advanced functionality and substantial improvements in critical call center metrics (e.g. AHT, CPC, FCR) and improved customer service. We have heavily invested in and developed the best-of-breed technology and applications needed to seamlessly automate many contact center functions and capabilities.

The customer experience has been a focal point. At VCSR, we design unique solutions that add value when and where it matters most, at the point of contact with your customer. Our passion is enabling meaningful conversations between you and your customers, every time you connect. Our applications optimize and improve the effectiveness of customer interactions. We deliver a unique end-to-end call (automation and unified desktop application) handling solution unparalleled in the market today. Leveraging our solutions, companies can control operational expenses, improve customer satisfaction objectives, and expect a full ROI within 6 months of launch.

VCSR delivers comprehensive solutions that are the result of collaborative client engagement methodology, next generation technologies, and superior technical expertise. Our Business Analysts make it their business to know and understand yours. They utilize Agile development methodology in creating, deploying, and supporting solutions for dynamic customer interactions. Our Development and Implementation teams are experts with extensive experience in understanding all aspects of automating and integrating customer service operations and their existing infrastructure.

Our world-class infrastructure and highly skilled service and training teams are ready to provide clients with our suite of reliable, scalable, advanced and value-oriented solutions. This creates a lower cost and higher service level experience for our clients and their customers.